Equipment Support

Need equipment support on your next project? Let DEANS Team of experienced operators partner with you to get the project done on-time and done right. Every project presents itself with it's own set of challenges. Having the right equipment on the job is essential.

With over 20 years in the field, we can help you with equipment solutions tailored to your exact project needs. Contact us today and tell us more about your upcoming project equipment needs - 503-841-7085.

Equipment Rental

Have a longer term project that requires equipment not in your inventory? No problem!, DEANS can help. We offer monthly rental rates on most of our reliable, well-maintained equipment.

Rental rates vary depending on season and availability. To learn more about rental pricing, please call us and describe the project and we will help line you out with the machinery needed to do the job right!

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EQUIPMENT SUPPORT (includes operator)

Equipment Type

4-Axle, 5-Axle, 6-Axle Dump Trucks

capacities:4-axle: 12 yds, 5-axle: 18 yds, 6 axle: 20 yds

Truck & Transfer

capacity: 28 yds

Semi Tractor

24' flatbed (doubles)

Belt Trailer or Dry Vans

53' belt trailer, 28’ dry van (doubles)

John Deere 750K Dozer

10.5' blade, 3' hydronic rippers

Link-Belt 145 Excavator

buckets: 3' ripper, 5' muck

Takeuchi TB145 Excavator

buckets: 16" ripper, 4' muck

Link-Belt 160 Excavator

buckets: thumb, mulching head, 3' ripper, 5' muck

John Deere 210 Excavator

buckets: 3' ripper, 5.5' muck

Link-Belt 4300 Log Loader

grapel head

Case 321 Wheel Loader

buckets: 1 yd, 1.5 yd, 1 yd rollout, 2' auger

Case 621 Wheel Loader

buckets: 1 yd, 4 yd, 4 yd rollout

John Deere 644 Wheel Loader

buckets: 4.5 yd, 5.5 yd rollout

EQUIPMENT RENTAL (does not include operator)

Equipment Type
Monthly Rental Rate
  Case 850 Dozer $6,000
  Case 1150M Dozer $7,500
  Case 2050M Dozer $12,000
  Caterpillar D8N Dozer $16,000
  John Deere 750 Dozer $11,000
  Case CX75 Excavator $4,000
  John Deere 75 Excavator $4,000
  Case CX80 Excavator $4,500
  Case CX130 Excavator $5,700
  Case CX145 Excavator $6,000
  Link-Belt 145 Excavator $6,000
  Takeuchi 145 Excavator $6,000
  Link-Belt 160 Excavator $6,500
  Case CX210 Excavator $7,800
  John Deere 210 Excavator $7,800
  Case CX245 Excavator $8,100
  Caterpillar 320C Long Reach Excavator $12,000
  Case CX350 Excavator $12,500
  Case CX470 Excavator $16,000
  Hitachi 850 Excavator $22,000
  Case CX37C Mini-Excavator $3,500
  Case CX55 Mini-Excavator $3,500
  Takeuchi TBO16 Mini-Excavator $2,000
  Champion C50A Grader $5,000
  John Deere 672B Grader $10,000
  Volvo G946 Grader $13,000
  Link-Belt 4300 Log Loader $7,000
  Case TR27 Skidsteer $2,200
  Case TV380 Skidsteer $3,000
  Trailmax 37' Tilt-Deck 3-Axle Trailer $2,200
  Case 321 Wheel Loader $5,000
  Case 521 Wheel Loader $5,400
  Case 621 Wheel Loader $6,000
  John Deere 644 Wheel Loader $8,000
  John Deere 744 Wheel Loader $11,500
  Case 1021F Wheel Loader $12,000
  Case 1221F Wheel Loader $13,500