Redefining Trucking & Materials Handling in Portland

DEANS Commercial is setting the new standard in construction trucking. We offer 'first in the industry' guarantees and we are transparent from start to finish

DEANS is agile and can flex to any size project - and while cliché – "No job is too small or big" for DEANS. Whether you need a just a few hundred, or thousand yards of material imported or exported from the jobsite, you have a trusted partner in DEANS.

Our success relies upon your success - and delivering on time, every time - helps our mission to earn your trust for any size project for years to come.

DEANS is setting the new standard:

  • Best-in-class trucks & equipment
  • Experienced operating team
  • Unprecedented trucking guarantees

DEANS prides itself on re-investing heavily in our trucks and equipment to maximize efficiency on every project. Whether you need several 6-axle super solos, truck & transfer capabilities or a 53' walking trailer to deliver product, we got you covered. Our industry leading equipment, coupled with DEANS’ team of highly experienced professional operators ensures one less headache on the jobsite.

As a prime or sub-contractor on any project, when you hire DEANS we don’t look at it as another job, we are your partner - and take pride in completing the project on your timelime. Forming long-term partnerships with companies serving the Northwest is DEANS' ultimate goal. DEANS DELIVERS - on time, every time.

First in the industry guarantees on exclusive contracts


DEANS is committed to delivering solutions on time, every time. Should one of our trucks not show up when expected, we will pay you the full day’s rate of absent truck.

DEANS Drop Time Guarantee

DEANS sets the standard in material export efficiency. Should our drop time average exceed 10 minutes,we will pay the billing overage.

DEANS Drop Fee Guarantee

In the event DEANS Commercial elects to utilize an alternate export site, then Drop Fees shall be decreased per additional minute of round-trip time.

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